Bering Pacific Construction would like to be the partner that makes certain your next construction project is successful in every way! We believe that Bering Pacific is qualified in every way to undertake your next project regardless of its location or complexity. Following is a synopsis of our qualifications that we believe to be very important to the success of your project and therefore the success of Bering Pacific Construction.

  • The management and staff of Bering Pacific have accumulated decades of experience constructing projects in all of Alaska's wide spread regions. This experience provides the ability to know what to expect regarding weather, transportation peculiarities and soils conditions when planning for a project in any Alaska location.
  • Management and staff experience includes the construction of buildings utilizing all of the materials and construction techniques commonly in use today. Bering Pacific's Project Managers can proudly point out schools, hospitals, aircraft hangars, industrial sites, military facilities, and housing developments throughout Alaska, which they constructed.
  • Bering Pacific has constructed airfields, roadways, site developments, and utilities projects. These have included the movement of several million cubic yards of earth, the installation of thousands of feet of pipe of various sizes and types and the construction of wastewater lagoons, fuel storage facilities, and lift stations. Many of these projects have also required the crushing of mineral aggregates.
  • The Company maintains a large and diverse fleet of equipment throughout western Alaska, including the Yukon and Kuskokwim drainage basins and Nome. This provides the ability to accomplish earthmoving projects of all types and sizes with a minimum of time and cost associated with mobilization to the project location. The size of Bering Pacific's equipment pool allows the Company to rent surplus equipment to other agencies performing public work.
  • Bering Pacific is unique in providing barge transportation services to western Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Not only does this allow us to provide lower material and equipment transportation cost, but more importantly, allows us to schedule barges to meet expedited construction schedules. A third party transportation company does not dictate our construction schedules. However, we continue to maintain an excellent relationship with the principal ocean transport companies and the independent barge and landing craft operators. We often accommodate them in the course of our barge movements and they reciprocate in turn. These relationships serve to enhance our flexibility to meet pre-determined schedules and emergency situations.
  • Bering Pacific is proud of its record of hiring and training residents of Alaska's remote villages. Many of our Company's projects have exceeded a ratio of fifty percent local residents to workers from other Alaska locations. Our jobsite supervisors are directed to hire local residents to the greatest extent possible to maximize the benefit to all of the participants in a project. The Owner benefits as the result of lower project cost. Employees and the village in general benefit not only from the income but also from the qualified residents that are employable on future projects. Bering Pacific benefits from the reduction in required logistics support and good will of the residents. Our "local hire" policy provides a true win/win situation for all.
  • The "partnering" concept has been adopted as Company policy and is applied to the management of all Bering Pacific projects. We are convinced that this approach to management has benefited Bering Pacific and our clients equally by providing a continuous flow of information to all members of a project team and a ready forum for the resolution of the problems that invariably occur throughout the course of constructing any project. We measure the success of our partnering policy in terms of the number of problems that have been resolved and the fact that, throughout Bering Pacific's history, litigation of a claim has never been necessary.