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The Principals and Management Personnel of Bering Pacific possess many years of experience constructing a wide range of civil works and building projects throughout Alaska and the western states. The Company currently utilizes this experience to construct projects of nearly all conceivable types. We actively compete, as a General Contractor, for work requiring the construction of buildings of all types and sizes. Our equipment fleet and barge transportation system enable us to be an active competitor for civil works including roads, airfields, water and sewer systems, and national defense projects throughout Alaska.

Bering Pacific seeks out work that is unusual either as the result of the project’s location or the type and complexity of the work. As a result, Bering Pacific has left its name on successfully completed projects in many of the villages of western Alaska from the North Slope to the far reaches of the Aleutian Islands.

No matter what the project, Bering Pacific can get there, complete the work and get out in the shortest possible time for the least cost!

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